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Cacaxtla, Nativitas, Tlaxcala

The etymological meaning of the name comes from the Nahuatl word Cacaxtla cacaxtli meaning instrument used to load goods.

One of the first references to Cacaxtla tlaxcalteca makes the chronicler Diego Muñoz Camargo in his History of Tlaxcala, who wrote:

... and here on this site were the Olmec its main seat and settled, as manifested today the ruins of their buildings, which according to the samples were large and strong, and ANSI and barbicans forces, barricades, trenches and bastions ... and great copy of people that came to populate, because where they had their main seat or fort is a hill or yardarm which has nearly two leagues in circuit, and around this yardarm ... has five earthworks and as many cellars and pits ...

Moreover, in the Codex Xochitécatl is represented Xochitécatl hill whose right rear of the drawing there is another hill of Cascasmeme name, identified by the teacher as Cacaxtla Luis Reyes García. Also in Cuauhtinchan map number two, in one of its details can be seen a mountain flowers on the top and down we see a man with his cargo in front of a mountain, also identified as Cacaxtla Reyes Garcia on the other hand the chronicler Juan Buenaventura Zapata describes Cacaxtla in their moats.

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