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Zona Arqueológica de Cantona, Tepeyahualco,Pue.

Cantona was built on a basaltic volcano Jalapasco spill, and how their structures are built on the volcanic rock, give it a sui generis appearance

The landscape is dominated by a myriad of desert plants predominate among yuccas, agaves, cactus and shovels, as well as some conifers that restorers have tried to preserve. The buildings were the rugged terrain advantage, without saving a symmetry as presented, for example, Teotihuacan, Xochicalco or Monte Alban. Also, the higher parts of the spill basaltic went to the Acropolis, where are located the most important structures and where they lived the leaders.

Cantona is considered the most urbanized city of ancient Mexico. His extensive communications network, with roads up to 1 km in length, allowing tight control of its inhabitants. Moreover, there were well walled streets that could be closed easily in case of an invasion. Developed during a time of intense social, Cantona was eventually becoming a fortress.

The large number of identified ballgames in the city (24 so far, of which 10 are in the Acropolis) is a clear demonstration of the importance that was given to religious ceremonies. And among them the decapitation and mutilation were common and were surely related to the fertilization of the earth.
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