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Ex-Convento Franciscano en Cuautinchan, Pue.

Cuautinchan religious decoration was given between 1527 and 1528 under the direction of Fray Juan Rivas and not until 1558 when Fray Geronimo de Mendieta, making Huejotzingo reached the temple and gives start with the trace Cuautinchan Township. The temple construction began formally in 1569 and was completed probably in 1593.

Outside the exconvento most outstanding is its facade, only to see it reminds us of the sixteenth century ministry churches in Florence. Also comes into view plain the high wall, bell tower with spire of the sixteenth century. The former convent is almost in ruins, a proof of this lies at the foot of what is the cloister there are frescoes, among them the Annunciation, on whose sides pose the figures of a jaguar and an eagle worked as Hispanic , are also writings of the saints of the Catholic Church theologians and interesting sentences that are listed as such remarkable.

The Convent of faithful samples Cuautinchan offers Mexican Colonial art. During the visit to this former convent visitors can marvel at the huge walls noting that give the appearance that keep memories mysteries and interesting. Despite being a little sloppy, the whole remains a major tourist attraction for art lovers Colonial.
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It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes or light. Take lots of pictures of the place and buy a souvenir of the place.
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