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Talavera Poblana

At the end of the twelfth century the Arabs introduced to Spain white crockery, old common ceramic clay cover with tin painted white. In the region of Majorca, Spain, went to Italy and then spread throughout Europe.

Probably between 1550 and 1560 was brought to America by the Dominicans of Talavera de la Reina, who founded the first locerías in the city of Puebla and who must also be the name of Talavera de Puebla.

In the seventeenth century porcelain factories multiplied achieving unprecedented growth through the regulation of the trade of potter. This period was characterized by great creativity in the designs of Spanish-Moorish influence of geometric forms and lancerías in dark blue on white.

At that time the Puebla potters also developed highly original Chinese style, exquisite pieces imitation of Chinese who came to Mexico via the Manila Galleon, achieving a very original style by the vigor and spontaneity that were interpreted oriental models .
In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the Puebla Talavera undergoes a major change to replace the blue decorated in rich polychrome Italian influence.

Through the centuries, Talavera Puebla is enriched with various influences. Today, Talavera pieces recreate the styles and designs of ancient Talavera, Puebla and Spanish and indigenous motifs and Art Nouveau; allegory extraordinary shapes and colors, the fruit of the imagination of the potters poblanos.

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Due to the traditional way of processing and materials required to manufacture only five places in the city of Puebla are devoted to the nomination of origin.
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